Not ur babe

Call me des :) IG: yuki_berryx

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♡ Princesita

my new backpack!! ; u ; i can’t wait to wear it to school!!




"why do you post selfies if you think you’re ugly?"

"why do you post pictures of your body if you hate it?"

"why do you post pictures if you have self harm scars or an eating disorder?"

It’s not rude, it’s questioning your attention seeking.

there’s such a thing as wanting to feel confident?????????? the fuck suck my ass you crusty Debbie downer

Crusty Debbie downer😂😂😂


bought the cutest dress at axes femme! ; w ; 

Help. I’m super obsessed with the mermaid theme!

At first, I found myself distracted by all the great rings in this pictures, but then it was like BAM! That manicure! The clear-to-black ombre effect is gorgeous, and the glitter over the top of clear section gives it that extra sparkle. Having just a couple fingers embellished with jewels is a nice touch too, and makes it more dramatic.